Tea Color Sorters

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Tea Color Sorter

Tea Color sorters are used to extract the useful yield out of the impurities in dried tea leaves. These impurities can be foreign materials, red stroke and/or tips which degrade the product quality. Tea color sorters use sophisticated high resolution CCD cameras to scan the tea particles at extremely high speed to identify the impurities in efficient manner. Adoption of these ultra-sensitive cameras, enables excellent sorting abilities.

ADENT Tea Colour Sorter excels with the in the following features:

  • Innovative design
  • High impurity rejection
  • High speed & long life ejectors
  • High processing capacity by flat chute for free flow of material
  • Linear-array CCD real-color color sorting technology
  • Driven by powerful software platform, easy to learn and understand, simple and convenient to operate
  • LCD touch sensitive graphic panel
  • Parallel processing using Field Programmable Gate Array modules